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It is just a thought – but a thought can be powerful. Like the wings of a Monarch Butterfly – a flutter of energy is all it takes for a monarch to transport from A – B. A thought is energy.

It is just a thought – but that thought sends with it a rhythm through your whole being – a rhythm that has the power to transform you. Allowing transformation of thought is allowing yourself freedom of old patterns, beliefs, habits. It allows you to break down the walls, so you can embrace your new vibe/rhythm.

It is just a thought – but how powerful are the wings of a Monarch – how powerful are the thoughts in your mind. At that one moment in time your thought can create a ripple effect across your whole being. They can lead to forgiving and loving or dis-empowering and hating.

It is just a thought – but that change in thought can change your direction in life. A thought of – I CAN – transforms you to believing that you could attempt something you have never done before. The thought of – I WILL – sends your body the energy of already achieving it. Stating “I CAN & I WILL” on a daily basis sets up the energy transformation of being able to state “yes” to something new in your life rather than shunning the new opportunity/experience.

Empower your energy by changing your thought – that is TRANSFORMATION