Who Am I?

My name is Patrick Moore Jones and first of all, well done for getting here. It takes guts to take action.

Secondly, what do I do? I provide people with fitness routines, nutrition guidance and I keep them accountable throughout their time working with me. The most important part? The most of important actions will all be taken by you.

What do my clients say…

“I lost 10KG, became fitter, changed my body shape and learnt a lot from Patrick about a healthy and balanced diet. It feels great to now have lots of energy. With Patrick’s expert advice, I have achieved fitness levels that I never thought I would reach.”

Z.Bates, Project Manager

“Before I started training, I’d been going to the gym on an ad hoc basis. I was overweight, constantly tired and suffering from lower back pain. Within weeks of training with Patrick I was fitter, started to lose the excess weight and i didn’t suffer daily back pain any more!

F.Eastwood, Product Development Director

Thus, the training is individualised and targets not only core strength, flexibility and fitness but also focuses on general well being, posture and mindfulness. After 3 years of regular training patrick keeps introducing new techniques to achieve maximum results while keeping it all interesting. With the ideology of “80% of what you are is what you eat”, be prepared for a kitchen work out as well …”

E.Boyd, CEO

Whether it is 121 in the gym, 121 VIP online coaching or my game changer 6-week transformation package my approach has always gone beyond just ‘reps and sets of exercises’. The foundation I’ve built from is best described in my blog post on success called; ‘The 5 Ways of Wellbeing’.

Whats My Aim?

 “My goal is to help 5,000 people thrive on healthy nutrition (plant based or not), expert exercise techniques and inspire others to change their lives for the better. This is my way of effecting the three largest components of health; nutritional, physical and social wellness.”

If your interested in talking more about my VIP online package or what the 6-week game changer program is please either give me a call on 07561247222 or send me an email on patrick@mojowellbeing.com.

What can you expect from me?

Knowledge, daily accountability and results.

My qualifications (experience)

  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise (8 years)
  • Movement Resistant Training (7 years)
  • Precision Nutrition for Sport and Exercise – Level 1 (5 years)
  • Strikepads Boxing Trainer (5 years)
  • Advanced Nutrition for Sports Performance
  • Lorisian Blood Intolerance Practitioner

I take a lot of pride when my clients make long-term lifestyle changes and build the routine they need to make it stick. No quick-fix diet rubbish.

Just check out my other testimonials to see what my clients say about me. Any goal. Any conditions. Any situation. I can help.

What do I expect from you?

1. Give your best.

2. Stay positive

3. Your trust


There are no short-cuts, no quick-fixes and no cookie cutter weight-loss plans. My approach is now designed to teach people what they need to do to reach their fitness goals, make healthy nutrition choices long-term and nail down healthy habits into your lifestyle.

I’m a huge fan of the restorative practices of yoga, mobility and meditation – but you do not have to too. Having suffered my own high levels of anxiety as a child between the ages of 10-14, I’ve had to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle based around keeping stress levels down. That’s why I do it, but we all have different needs and I understand people have complicated lives and are often super busy. That’s why I keep my approach so simple.

On the side I’m also heavily involved with helping people try cold water therapy (aka natural swimming), learn relaxing breathing techniques/exercises (Wim Hof Method etc) and raising awareness about mental health as well as fitness – more specifically in men.

When I bring all these key aspects together I am totally confident I can provide the support you need. Subscribe to my e-mail list below fro the odd e-mail on these subjects below…

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