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First of all, well done for getting here. Secondly, what do I actually do? Not a whole lot, in fact the majority of the actions will be taken by you…

If you want to get to that bit asap, just drop me a line on either the email address at the bottom of the page or my direct phone number. But the likelihood is, if you’ve never met or spoken to me you before, you will like some standard background info…

MoJo Wellbeing began just like any other PT service. But over 9 years of hard graft it has seen major evolutions into an approach designed to teach people the tools they need to reach their fitness goals, make healthy nutrition choices and apply those healthy habits into a sustainable long-term lifestyle.

My approach has always gone beyond just ‘reps and sets of exercises’, and instead I’ve offered a health-focused approach to coaching. I’ve done this by looking into nutrition, sleep, exercise, hydration and mindset; I call these ‘The 5 Ways of Wellbeing’.

My support can come in person, if you take my 1-2-1 service, or as an online coach which you can access as and when you need online.

I love the restorative practices of yoga, mobility and meditation – but you do not have to too. Having suffered my own high levels of anxiety as a child between the ages of 10-14, I’ve had to learn how to cultivate a lifestyle based around keeping stress levels down. That’s why I do it, but we all have different needs and I understand people have complicated lives and are often super busy. That’s why my approach is so simple. Target the must-do things first, add the bells and whistle’s later.

On the side I’m also heavily involved with helping people try cold water therapy (aka natural swimming), learn relaxing breathing techniques/exercises (Wim Hof Method etc) and raising awareness about mental health as well as fitness – more specifically in men.

Whats My Aim?

 “My goal is to help 5,000 people thrive on healthy nutrition (plant based or not), expert exercise techniques and help people live a more stress free life. This is my way of effecting the three largest components of health; nutritional, physical and mental health.”

I know what you need. The approach is simple, I work with you to agree on a number of daily practices that you do your best to keep up for 2 weeks. They must be easily repeatable and they they must work within your regular schedule. We add quality exercise and nutrition guidelines, I have handbooks for these, then you get started and I check-in with you every week to see how it’s going. There are no short-cuts, no quick-fixes and no cookie cutter weight-loss plans.

What can you expect from me?

Care, time and understanding.

I’ve worked with all varieties of people over 9 years, I qualified with a foundation (2 year) degree in Personal Training and Fitness Consultancy at 20 and got my 2:1 in Sport Science (BSc) at 21. I’m now 31.

My further qualifications and experience are in;

  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise (8 years)
  • Movement Resistant Training (7 years)
  • Precision Nutrition for Sport and Exercise – Level 1 (5 years)
  • Strikepads Boxing Trainer (5 years)
  • Advanced Nutrition for Sports Performance
  • Lorisian Blood Intolerance Practitioner

I take pride in my ability to enable clients to make long-term lifestyle changes and help them build the skills they need to take ownership of their life.

To be honest, 90% of the people that ask for my help just want to lose a little weight, strengthen their muscles and/or posture, feel more energy, stay accountable and learn from someone they can see actually cares about their health. Just check out my testimonials to see what my clients say about me. I do all the more specific suff too; gaining lean muscle (yes vegan gains too!), fitness challenges, helping people to live near optimal with long-term health complications and extreme gym phobia!

What I expect from you?

1. Give your best.

2. Stay positive

When I bring all these key aspects together in a 1-2-1 session you will feel better, move better and leave feeling totally in control of your body.

If your interested in talking more about getting set-up with online coaching, or for 1-2-1 sessions, please either give me a call on 07561247222 or send me an email on Sign up to my email list for a weekly blog post on the latest in my industry findings. Thanks and speak soon.

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