About Me


What is MoJo Wellbeing?

MoJo Wellbeing is my vision for what personal training should be.

My approach goes beyond just ‘reps of exercises’, and instead offers a truly holistic and health-focused approach to personal training. I do this by also looking at your nutrition, sleep, exercise and hydration habits in what I call, ‘The 5 Ways of Wellbeing’. I can even help with your restorative practices such as yoga, mobility training and meditation (if this interests you).

Whats the Aim?

Teach you. I now exactly what you need to develop a lifestyle that you know will help you live longer, healthier and with energy. It will be sustainable and get you the ticket you need to feel totally in tune with your body.

I taking a very thoughtful approach; I will work with you to develop a program that is right for you you, repeatable and put the strategy in place to take action. There are no short-cuts, no quick-fixes and no cookie cutter weight-loss plans.

What kind of service can you expect?

The very best on the market. I have no problem “claiming” that. I’ve experienced working with almost all varieties of people over the years. There are different goals and needs for pre/post natal, muscle gains (yes vegan too!), weight loss (fast and kept off), increasing cardiovascular fitness and helping to live well with long-term health conditions.

I’m passionate about enabling long-term lifestyle change, and helping others build the skills they need to take ownership of their health and wellbeing. I would gladly share everything I know to help you and the people around you improve your way of life.

Pat 272 copyHow will you be training…

Depends on your goal.

Highest quality strength and conditioning, corrective exercises (for improving posture), the most effective fat burning/high intensity training (HIIT) and important cardiovascular conditioning techniques.
I also have experience in yoga, pilates and mobility.
When you bring all these key aspects together in a 1-2-1 session you will feel better, move better and leave feeling totally in control of your body and ready for your next workout.
My prices start at £65 p/hr and I charge an additional £15 for a partner/friend/family member to join in with your session.
Sessions at home cost additional depending on how far from my base you want me to travel.
Please check my testimonials if you would like to see what my clients say about me.
Thank you for looking into your health and wellbeing on my site.

If your interested in talking more about getting set-up online or for 1-2-1 sessions please either give me a call on 07561247222 or send me an email on patrick@mojowellbeing.com

Thanks and have a nice day.