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Love and Joy

Why is it that when one door closes another opens – unexpected on both occurrences.

You have to say goodbye to patterns, hand cuffs, snags, that have held you back but in the same breath…….the release pushes you forward. Pushes you forward to a new spotlight.

You are standing there, it feels like a spotlight is put on you – just standing – waiting – breathing – onto the next door that is open.

There before you – is someone who believes in you, trusts you and speaks with you – not to you. They make you just be – smile, cringe, feel. They open you up like a flower, encouraging you to take that little step forward – more and more, one yellow brick by yellow brick – down your yellow brick road……..of life.

Your lead to a place of beauty, YOUR beauty – your garden of creation. The joy, love, abundance of what you give – energy flows in this garden – flows through the water………..It is free to be,


Written by Faith 2018