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Sitting here, contemplating what life throws at you.
Is it any wander we sometimes run for cover. Like a paint ball game – we shield
ourselves ready for combat and go running, hiding from our opposition/our truth.
Little pellets of colour that will either make contact with us or just slice us
ever so slightly.
What happens when we get hit – hit by an emotion or a feeling or a reaction that
took us by surprise. What if it was a nice surprise and yet we weren’t expecting
the niceness. The same goes for the feeling of unease – or is it a mixture of both
that comes over us.

As I sit here I wander about JUST ALLOWING……
Allowing those feelings to be. Just like a feather – as light as a feather.
…allow them to be, let go and see what will be – will be. Let the fear stay away
so your inner truth can be seen. So your authentic self can stand strong and guide
you like a feather, softly like a feather.
A feather of integrity…..
A feather of kindness…..
A feather of inner truth…..
A feather of letting go old patterns and beliefs…..
A feather of strength….your strength…..your ability to let flow, to let go and
Allow peace in…
Allow gratitude in….
Allow Grace in…..
Allow Joy in…..and most of all…..allow love in.

Like the softness of a feather you can allow your emotions to wash over you softly.
Let them show you your intuition which allows you to stand in your inner truth, inner beauty.
Stand to be awakened….to the new you.