“Patrick is the best PT I’ve had – and I’ve had a few!  He is: enthusiastic, knowledgeable, skilled, reliable, engaging and huge fun to work with.  But don’t let his apparent easy-going, polite demeanour make you think he’s a push-over.  Patrick will push you to YOUR limits, whilst convincing you that you’re enjoying an hour of torture. That’s quite a skill! I like his approach to training, because it’s grounded in a genuine interest in the way our bodies and minds interact, rather than merely an ‘iron-pumper’. He’s also deeply interested in nutrition and has some great recipes. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat if I could afford another year with him. If you book Patrick as your PT, you won’t regret it.”

Susan Angoy, Songwriter

“Patrick is one of a kind. He has managed to blend his eclectic and deep expertise in sports science, nutrition, whole body approaches, and gritty physical training with a friendly, funny, flexible and entirely original style.  Going for a training session with Patrick is like training with a good mate, a highly focussed coach and health guru all rolled into one. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Julian Thompson

“Cannot recommend Patrick too highly. He is patient with me whilst pushing me ever harder. He is strict but also is very encouraging. Most important of all he makes me laugh through tears and sweat.. and gives me healthy recipes. Altogether a perfect trainer.”

T.Bloom, District Judge

“For god sakes, don’t let that face fool you – underneath that friendly, fun and energetic exterior lays a task master that pushes you right to the edge of your ability and beyond.

I have had a few personal trainers over the years and have observed many more in the gyms I have been too and I can honestly say that Patrick doesn’t fit the mould of the traditional trainer. He genuinely cares about your goals, improvements, fitness and overall wellbeing & Patrick is the first trainer that has actually delivered tangible and visible results. What I like most about Patrick is that I am constantly doing something during our times together and he is genuinely focused on me and pushing me that extra bit to achieve results in my workouts I just couldn’t achieve on my own. Each workout is different, varied and comes with a running commentary on why we are doing each exercise and it’s benefits.

Patrick is truly passionate about his craft and I have never felt so at ease as I do with him… Even if I have considered calling the police to have him arrested for attempted murder after some of our more intense sessions.”

Daniel Hawkins

“A trainer that not only knows how to work with his clients and responds to their individual needs, but also knows what he’s talking about! I’ve had several trainers in the past, some who had one way of working out and squeezed me into that box and some who were able to tailor my program, but couldn’t tell me why or how it worked. Patrick is well informed and articulate without ever sounding preachy.

From nutrition to lifestyle choices to the actual workouts, Patrick has helped me to reassess my goals and how I can achieve them.  As a mother of two young children, it has been a major challenge to adjust my training to the constraints my situation presents: but despite my difficult circumstances, Patrick has helped me to get my motivation back and has worked with me to make sure I can fit training into my new reality.  It’s made all the difference and as my mental strength has returned, so too my physical fitness. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Kelly Robinson, PHD

“Its Patrick’s intelligence and thoughtfulness which makes him so different from any other trainer. Because he’s so knowledgeable about nutrition and how the body works, he brings a very holistic approach to training. Working with him for the past two years hasn’t just changed my physique – its changed my understanding of mind and body.”

E. Coulthard, CEO Blast! Films

“I never thought that exercise could be fun. But every session designed by Patrick is different, so I’m never bored. I lost 10KG, became fitter, changed my body shape and learnt a lot from Patrick about a healthy and balanced diet. It feels great to now have lots of energy. With Patrick’s expert advice, I have achieved fitness levels that I never thought I would reach. Most importantly, even though Patrick really pushes me during all sessions, I look forward to every single one!”

Z.Bates, Project Manager

“Before I started training, I’d been going to the gym on an ad hoc basis. I was overweight, constantly tired and suffering from lower back pain. Within weeks of training with Patrick I was fitter, started to lose the excess weight and i didn’t suffer daily back pain any more! And, most importantly I enjoy the sessions with Patrick and found him to be both motivating and knowledgeable both in the gym and out of it; re his efforts in explaining nutrition and providing a homework program.”

Fiona, Product Development Director

“Patrick has a great understanding of human physiology alongside in depth grasp of nutrition. Thus, the training is individualised and targets not only core strength, flexibility and fitness but also focuses on general well being, posture and mindfulness. After 3 years of regular training patrick keeps introducing new techniques to achieve maximum results while keeping it all interesting. With the ideology of “80% of what you are is what you eat”, be prepared for a kitchen work out as well …”

Eitan, CEO Stride Gaming