New APP Launch!

New app for a next level up in support.

So excited to announce that MoJo Wellbeing now has it’s own app! You can find it in the apple or android stores.

If you’re are part of my current online coaching team do not fear! The app you have been using, FITSW, has all your records copied into the Mojo Wellbeing version. You can sign in as usual once you open it and your workouts, videos, exercise history and recordings will all still be there.

I’m working hard on doing all my own video tutorial videos for all the exercises within the app to match the MoJo theme. But you may find some of your exercises are still linked to the FITSW youtube links. If you want to find my tutorials for exercises, HIIT workouts, mobility routines and more on youtube simply write in the search bar ‘with patrick moore jones’ and results of all my videos will appear.

For those interested in trying out how I am training people online through my app please send a message back with this code: TrialWeek

You will then be entered into my list of people waiting for a trial on the online program. It is FREE but I can’t take on more than 1 person per week as it is too much work on top of my already very busy schedule! So please be patient and I will be getting back to you asap to discuss when to put our trial in place.

Thanks so much for being part this, it’s growing quicker than I expected and I’m delighted to see the direction it is heading.