By Suzi Moore-Jones

Actually…I disagree. Sure, this is a very generalised statement, but I take a particular objection to this when it comes to food. Eating healthily doesn’t have to be laborious and time-consuming.

There is a very, very lazy person that lives inside of me. There are times when I have a lot of energy and want to put lots of time into creating something in the kitchen, but there are a LOT of other times where all I want is to make the quickest, easiest, least washing-up-heavy meal I can make so that I can get back to my excessive Netflix consumption.

So, with that in mind, here are a few tips to help appease that lazy person that lives inside of you…


This is one of my best hacks. Whether you’re knocking together a stir fry, putting some pasta on to boil or wanting something to pour over veggies to roast, using a nutribullet for a quick sauce is the best idea. It means that you can chuck all the ingredients in to blend, without the need to finely chop and stir together on the hob first. Key ways this saves time:

  • Less chopping involved by chucking ingredients in whole (e.g. garlic cloves and ginger)
  • You can add in peas, frozen or fresh greens for a nutritional boost, which doesn’t really affect the flavour and can still be whizzed into a smooth texture
  • Less washing up in using one container to blast everything in before topping the food.


Ok, so you may not love the idea of purchasing yet another kitchen appliance, but these babies are very small and inexpensive and honestly save you a load of work when prepping meals. I HATE chopping onions, probably because I have no patience, but it can really add to your cooking time if you need to chop onions and garlic finely by hand. If you have a mini chopper, you can easily just chop onions into quarters, chuck whole garlic cloves in (plus you can do this with other ingredients like ginger for example) and whizz it up. This device will also make really quick dips like guacamole, in an instant. Thumbs up from this lazy cook right here!


There are a few staple ingredients that are my go-to guys for quick, tasty and time-saving recipes. These are:

  • Garlic and onion granules. Just adding a teaspoon of each of these can give your food the flavour it needs without needing to freshly prep garlic and onion, or that can help you out if you don’t have them to hand.
  • Marigold vegetable stock powder. We keep a huge tube of this next to the cooker, it goes in a lot of the dishes I make and can be a good shortcut to adding bit of extra flavour and seasoning to a dish.
  • Tomato paste. Having a tube of tomato paste in the fridge is always a good idea. One of my easiest breakfast recipes is pretty much combining all of these three kitchen cupboard heroes (the garlic and onion granules, veggie stock, tomato paste) with some hot water in a saucepan, optional dashes of chipotle sauce for a sweet and smokey kick, and adding some beans (black, pinto or haricot work well) for a tasty and healthy beans-on-toast brekkie. Proper recipe to follow for those who like a step-by-step…

I hope this has been helpful, stay tuned for more posts, thoughts and recipes! Comment below if you have any of your own time-saving hacks that you’d like to share!


  1. Thanks to Suzi for your tip on the mini processor. Just bought mine and will be the end of messy chopping. But the downside is it is yet another piece of kit in my kitchen, however, I think I’ll be using this one!


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