An Essential Kitchen tool for Vegan Cooks

Save time, cut-costs and remove un-wanted stress from your life with this kitchen tool.

What is my number one kitchen appliance recommendation for people cooking on a vegan diet?

The humble and under appreciated…pressure cooker!

I’ve got a traditional (stove top) and a modern (electric) type. Both great for different reasons, especially if I need a dhal (lentils) and a whole-grain (brown rice) cooked simultaneously.

A traditional stove top pressure cooker may cost you between £30-£60 – an “expensive” one will often come with a 25 year guarantee – I bought an Barazzoni stove top type first. The number of times I’ve used it and the time it has saved has far outweighed the financial cost. It will save you money through reducing the energy expended during cooking, and it gives you the option of cooking foods in bulk from dry/soaked like chickpeas and cannellini beans that cost 40-60% less than the pre-made/tinned versions.

An electric pressure cooker is more like an all-in-one tool. It can be turned on with all the ingredients in it and left for up to 24 hours – if needed. Keeping to the specified cooking time and keeping it warm when that’s done. It really is the simplest way to cook stews, soups, dhal and curries with a minimum of fuss.  

I’ve got an entire chapter on this subject in my up coming recipe book. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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