SpartanFam’s Free Outdoor Sessions


These guys are an inspiration to other vegan personal trainers in London – like me!

For me, they are setting the pace for one of the best ways to contribute to your community and share vital knowledge and guidance for young people in areas where gangs and violence can be a problem.

I was humbled to have been asked to work an extra hour in my local school unit on Elthorn Road in Archway. I had only been volunteering there for 12 weeks and now i’m working 2 hours a week, every week for the new school year. This time not only will I be working with the kids who have been referred there for bad behaviour but I am now also planning 1 hour weekly lessons for the social anxiety kids.

I have a goal to be working 5 hours (or more!) by September next year and I’m planning on proposals not only to be working in units with kids in smaller groups but also on a larger scale in secondary schools.

Please follow and share the work that SpartanFam are doing in the community and let people know where they can find them @spartanfam or their website




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